Meredith Street West traffic is out of control

To the Expositor:

Tonight I saw another dog on our street get hit by a car. This is the third dog and there have been a few cats. The traffic on this road is terrible. The town changed the speed limit up the road but not here. The speed should be the same everywhere in the town. I live on Meredith Street West (Little Current).

Many mornings I sit out and have my coffee and the amount of traffic that goes by is more than the population here—it’s always like a highway. What happens when it’s a child that runs out into the road? If the speed limit was changed would it make a difference? I don’t think so.

The town has done nothing for a long time on this street. It has lots of traffic and is a shortcut for everyone. When you’re driving on Meredith Street remember there are children on our street, slow down and look, even though the town decided only certain streets had slower speed limits and others didn’t matter.

In closing I would like to see speed bumps put on this road then when a transport speeds up they will have to slow down and everyone else too. Just thought I would speak my mind, just one mother’s feeling.

Thanks for reading,
Ruth Eadie-Williams
Little Current