MHC Auxiliary News

Our third teleconference was held on January 21. Thirteen members and one board member participated with Dawn Orr, president and Sandra Pope, vice-president, moderating. The most pressing issues at this time are fundraisers and how to utilize telecommunications to keep the auxiliary viable. Board member Tom Ondrejicka was present. New volunteers are needed to offer novel perspectives into fundraising activities.

The Bakeless Bake Sale was a great success. The no-calorie event raised $2,750. A sincere thank you to all who participated, whether you spent $10 or $100. Thanks to Carole Labelle, Debbie Heise and Marilee Hore who worked hard to make this event the best-ever. All donations helped us raise money to continue our mandate of enhancing patient services. 

Our activities over the last three months continue. These include coin boxes at local businesses, sales from the showcase, In Memoriam donations and other donations. Remember that you can make your donation at admitting or by mail to Marilee Hore, Box 331, Little Current. Cheques should be made out to MHC Auxiliary.

At the MSS Awards night, Mackenzie Cortez and Marjorie Scott both received a $500 bursary to pursue studies in the medical field. Congratulations!

It is obvious that currently the best avenue for fundraising is telecommunications, to branch out into virtual events. Tom Ondrejicka is a master at fundraising and in the use of electronics. We are fortunate to have his expertise in helping us get going in the virtual realm. More details and hopefully some exciting news in the next report.

At this time our hospital services include the showcase with goodies, books, handcrafted items, jewellery and other miscellaneous items. Dental bags, care bags, headsets and free TV are available to patients. We sure miss the interaction with patients, visitors and staff with the tuck cart and all the regular HEL.P.P. Lottery ticket buyers.

An article highlighting events over the last 75 years was recently published in the Expositor. Celebrations of some kind will take place this year. Many ideas were presented including banners and a memory book. Details coming soon.

The auxiliary strives to do its best for the needs of patients. Keep in mind that charitable volunteer groups are being hard-hit because opportunities are no longer there. Many are forced to withdraw their services. However, we trust and rely on all our friends and neighbours to continue to support the auxiliary. Sincere thanks.

The next teleconference is at 7 pm on Thursday, February 25. If you would like to participate, call a member for the phone number.

Wear a mask! Wash your hands! Social distance! Stay home! Stay safe!