Michael’s Bay family history details sought for research


TEHKUMMAH – The Michael’s Bay Historical Society is seeking help from the keepers of Manitoulin family history.

Ed Sagle, a member of the of the Society, told The Expositor the group has compiled a list of family surnames that were known to have resided at Michael’s Bay, however briefly, thanks largely to the work of author and Tehkummah historian Derek Russell. It should be noted that families who may not have lived in Michael’s Bay property, but rather the vicinity including the 8th Line and Government Road, are included in this search.

Mr. Sagle said families who have any information about their ancestors’ time in Michael’s Bay should reach out by emailing michaelsbayhistoricalsociety@gmail.com or by mailing them at PO Box 7, South Baymouth, Ontario, P0P 1Z0.

Listed below are the surnames of those they are seeking information for, in alphabetical order: Allen, Ballentyne, Bell, Berry, Blue, Bonus, Bowerman, Boyd, Bradley, Bryant, Brydges, Budge, Buffey, Bunning, Bush, Caddell, Campbell, Carradice, Charlton, Chatwell, Chisholm, Clarke, Coultis, Courtney, Cranston, Doyle, Duke, Duxbury, Ellis, English, Falconer, Fawcett, Ferguson, Flesher, Foote, Forsyth, Fox, Frampton, Gallaugher, Gault, Gervan, Gilpin, Gorley, Groves, Hall, Hannah, Heuston, Hilson, Holden, Howe, Hughson, Hutchinson, Jaggard, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnston, Kennebrook, Kilgour, King, Kirk, Kitto, Knight, Latham, Learmont, Leask, Leeson, Leitch, Leslie, Lewis, Little, Love, Lundy, Lion, MacDonald, Marshall, Martin, Maughan, McColeman, McCutcheon, McDonald, McDougall, McFarlane, McGee, McGillivray, McGilvrey, McGinn, McGrath, McGregor, McInnis, McIntyre, McKay, McKechnie, McKim, McLean, McCloud, McMurray, McNevin, McQueen, Miell, Mills, Milne, Mitchell, Morrison, Morrow, Mundle, Murray, Neilson, Nigh, Page, Payne, Pearson, Pennie, Philips, Pyette, Ranton, Rayner, Ritchie, Rowe, Russell, Sandford, Scott, Seager, Shortreed, Sim, Sinclair, Sinnott, Smeltzer, Smith, Snow, Stewart, Still, Tann, Terry, Thompson, Tinkis, Tracy, Turley, Turnbull, Ward, Wedgerfield, Wheeler, White, Whiteside, Williams, Willman and Wilson.