MNRF’s bird scaring cannon an atrocity for a serene lake

Sandfield residents should protest loud and long

To the Expositor:

I was appalled this past weekend while fishing on Lake Manitou. At this time of the year it is normally very serene and quiet while out on the lake trying to catch a fish. This was not the case this time as every 10 to 15 minutes you are startled by the sound of a blast from a 12 gauge shot gun.

In speaking with the locals I learned that the Ministry of Natural Resources fish culture station in Sandfield has set up this system of the blast which sounds like a shot gun to scare off sea gulls and other birds from landing in their spawning ponds and eating the fish. I know that all the fish farms in the area use the much quieter method of placing netting over their cages to keep the birds out. If I lived in Sandfield I would complain every time this blast was heard. How can the Ministry of Natural Resources get away with this?

Kelvin Hull