Writings on the Wall

Aanii! Hello! I hope you all are doing great and been having a fantastic week. It’s almost Friday everybody, hang in there! First of all I’d like to say a chi-miigwech to Lorne Kostik. Thank you for your comment and suggestion. I do utilize it, I just love reading books. So much to imagine about. I hope you have a fantastic week and thanks for reading!

Spartan training is now in full action! The team started training on Monday the 13th. The Spartan team will be heading to Montreal in May to attend the 13+ km run. The run will take place on May 17. This is actually not a school event but an event that our students like to attend. The students that will be attending this year are: Greg Trudeau, Amber Dowdall, Kaitlynn Recollet, Brigitte Neganingwane, Tye Jourdain, Starlee Kanasawe, Moses Pitawankwat, Justin Peltier, Adrian Trudeau, Andre Rivers, Raven Manitowabi, Elliot Simon, Landon Peltier, Mary Assiniwe, Colton Trudeau, Austin Pangowish and I will also be attending. The Spartan race will really push their limits, limits they probably didn’t know they could reach. Students would describe Spartan as testing, super, intense, scary, compelling and challenging. When I asked Landon Peltier his thoughts on Spartan he said, ‘The training is hard it has a big impact mentally as the training gets more intense each day knowing you have to push yourself to your bodies limits in this race.’ Every student is working really hard in order to prepare for the Spartan race. Our Spartan team will be hosting a fundraiser, which will be a prize bingo on May 1 at the Rabbit Island Community Centre starting at 7 pm.

For those of you who don’t know what the Spartan race is it is an obstacle course. On the Spartan website it states that it was designed to get people back to their roots. It specifically says, “Spartan Race was created with a simple, yet important, mission in mind. That mission is to get people back to their primal roots. To do what they were designed to do: run, jump, climb and sweat.” It’s a crazy but fun race. Along the way you have to complete an obstacle and if you don’t complete it, then the runners will have to do 30 burpees. Finishing the race will give anybody a sense of accomplishment. ‘Running Spartan seemed more mentally challenging than physically, because you had to have self motivation and encouragement,’ says Starlee Kanasawe, who’s completed the Spartan race before. Let’s go Warriors!!

We also had our Semi Formal on Friday! It was a blast and the decorations were beautiful. It really looked and felt like we were under the stars. Students were up and on their feet dancing away; even a teacher was up on her feet dancing! Student Council did an outstanding job preparing this dance. The photo booth they had set up was a lot of fun for students—there wasn’t a moment where someone wasn’t smiling. Student Council should be very proud of themselves for organizing a very fun night.

The Outside Looking In program had their fundraiser on Saturday. It was a great night. The students who are a part of the program were waiters and served everybody who attended. The food was amazingly good. The music was fantastic. Everybody had a great time. The students (who have now fully completed their dance) performed for everybody! The students were nervous but were excited to perform for some community members and others. There are now only 10 more school days until OLI leaves for two weeks to practice, practice, practice before they perform on the Sony Centre stage! The fundraiser was a big hit and will help them get to Toronto! Keep practicing and working hard dancers!

Chi-Miigwech everybody for reading. I’ll see you all next week.