MSS Kids in the hall

Welcome back to school, Mustangs! The first week of semester two is over and everything is motoring on.

The boys’ basketball teams played a great season. They had a good attitude, they had fun, and they improved a lot over the season. The senior boys have playoffs coming up soon.

The girls’ and boys’ hockey teams played games this past week and are aiming for playoffs. We wish both teams good luck and we will be cheering them on as they hit the ice!

The girls’ volleyball teams also had tournaments. Both teams made us proud. The juniors won two out of four matches and had lots of fun.

The Society Challenge and Change class went on a trip to see a live play called Meme, Myself, and I in Sudbury. It was an engaging show about philosophy written by Susan Blackmore.

High school students interested in public speaking are practicing and memorizing their speeches to prepare for the Legion contest! Topics are chosen, speeches are drafted, and now they are putting on the finishing touches to prepare for competition.

Opening Night of OKLAHOMA! is this Thursday and everyone involved is ready to go! There are also shows on Friday and Saturday. Boy oh boy, the show is sure looking great! The fantastic cast will rope you in, and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it!

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, the school did Matchmaker quizzes! Students filled in a survey and a computer tells you who your valentine could be. Students can buy their results for two dollars, and all proceeds go to the students council.

As you can see, MSS is very busy, and everyone is getting back into routines. ‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.