MSS Kids in the Halls

The countdown is on until Christmas break! There is only one more Monday and two more Fridays left until school is out for this calendar year. Hopefully that thought and the upcoming holidays makes you happy. A joke to make you even happier:

Why did the gingerbread man go to the doctor? Because he was feeling crummy.

On Tuesday, November 30, the girls’ hockey team played Confederation Secondary School at Ray Plourde arena. The girls skated to a 9-2 win. Great job, girls!

The team was back on the ice the next day, Wednesday, December 1. They hosted a home game at the NEMI Rec Centre in Little Current against St. Benedict. Unfortunately, the girls lost 0-2 making it their first loss of the season.

Friday, December 3 was picture retake day. Students who got their picture taken on Friday will receive a package of picture proofs and a student I.D. card. They can then also choose if they would like to order pictures.

We are almost a week into the 12 days of Christmas at MSS! Door decorating started up on Thursday, December 2, and it runs until Wednesday, December 15; the hot chocolate bar was a huge success on Friday, December 3, the cheesy Christmas card photo contest began Monday, December 6 and runs until Monday, December 13, followed by a voting period. Yesterday, December 7, there was karaoke in the cafeteria with Mr. T; today, Wednesday, December 8, is BINGO in the library. Tomorrow, Thursday, December 9, there will be a scavenger hunt happening over both lunch periods. There will be characters hidden around the school for students to find. The harder the character is to find, the more points it is worth. The snowman is worth one point, the elf is two points, the Christmas tree is three points, Santa is four points, and the Grinch is the rarest character to find, making it worth five points. Friday, December 10 is a games day buyout where senior students have a chance to get out of class during the morning, and the junior students will have the same chance in the afternoon. Students who purchased a ticket for this event yesterday (Tuesday) have a choice of playing sports in the gym or board games in the library. Then to start off the final week of school before Christmas break, Monday, December 13, is ugly Christmas sweater and ‘turn down the heat’ day. Tuesday, December 14, is Christmas icon day; students will dress up as their favourite Christmas icon, whether that is Mariah Carrey or the Grinch. Enjoy the rest of the festivities, Mustangs!

A Christmas joke for you: Why do reindeer have fur coats? Because they look silly in snow suits!

MSS has honey for sale from our beehives! It is $10 for a 375mL jar. Please call the school at 705-368-7000 if you are interested.

Joke of the week: What goes “oh, oh, oh”? Santa walking backwards.

Upcoming events include the 12 days of Christmas and the Christmas break.

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”