MTO responds to Tehkummah road condition concerns

TEHKUMMAH––Last week the Expositor wrote about Tehkummah’s concerns regarding the deterioration of municipal roads since construction began on Highway 542, which has traffic detouring through the community. The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has been in contact with the municipality since then and will be available to attend a future council meeting, reported Andrew Healy, a senior environmental planner with MTO for the northeastern region.

“MTO and our contract administrator, Tulloch Engineering, continue to monitor the condition of the detour roads as well as non-detour roads (Smeltzer’s Road) and are performing repairs as required,” said Mr. Healy. “We are aware of repairs that are required on Tenth Sideroad as a result of localized flooding and soft areas in the road surface to the spring thaw. Repairs to these areas on Tenth Sideroad are underway this week and the road will continue to be monitored and repaired as required.”