NEMI waives brush fees following windstorm

NEMI – On September 21, 2018, the Town of Northeastern Manitoulin experienced a severe storm with wind gusts in excess of 95 km per hour.  As a result of the storm, trees were blown down and anything not well secured was blown around.  Ontario Hydro crews and Municipal crews worked throughout the night to maintain services and clear roads to ensure the safety of municipal residents.

“I would personally like to thank those individuals who go out into the storm to ensure the safety and reliability of services to our residents” said Mayor Al MacNevin.  “While the rest of us deal with our immediate issues, they are out there fighting the elements for our benefit, often leaving their families to deal with the same issues the rest of us face” he went on to say.

In order to address the effects of the storm and aid in cleanup efforts across the municipality, this weekend (September 22 and 23rd) the NEMI landfill will not be charging fees to receive brush or wood waste resulting from the storm.

For more information contact:

Mayor Al MacNevin
705- 348-1951