New Island bus service is welcome

But the service needs a long enough layover in Sudbury to be affordable for disabled

To the Expositor:

Much gratitude for the efforts of all involved to provide Manitoulin/Sudbury bus service. So, so badly needed it is. Potential to change lives, health and general well-being, access to all noted amenities, greatly increase commerce on our humble island. Kudos to Northland, all volunteers, input and of course Ministry of Transportation. Thank you.

One simple question. If one requires public transportation, one is most likely in the millions who are disabled, on a fixed income, receiving an already investigated, well vetted form of social assistance or just simply unable to get yourself around . Be it whatever your situation, those under these life affecting conditions, who would be able to afford extremely expensive overnight accommodations anywhere between here and Sudbury? Furthermore, an extremely expensive link back to your home base the next day (you are pooched if you travel either way on Friday).

Simple example here: travel from Manitowaning to Gore Bay (hopefully a way to gain much needed employment therein). Dependent on the once a day proposed method (which way, east first, then west, or vice versa?) to avoid paying a king’s ransom for lodging in Gore Bay (anywhere for that matter), would one be doomed/stranded therein? In short, where on the route could one possibly travel without the possibility of unaffordable overnight accommodation(s) and very costly additional transfer(s) to return to your “home port?”

Michael R White