New law firm for Gore Bay


GORE BAY—Moutsatsos Laakso Alexander LLP (MLA) Law, a Sudbury-based law firm, is pleased to announce its expansion into Gore Bay. 

The move aligns with MLA Law’s focus on providing enhanced services and resources for clients in the areas of business law, real estate law, wills and estates law as well as providing an established referral network for all other legal matters.

“We are pleased to open our first office on Manitoulin Island,” said Steve Moutsatsos, partner at MLA Law. “We strive to be recognized for the quality of our advice and the investment we make in our clients’ success, and we look forward to building long-standing relations with the residents of Gore Bay and the surrounding area.” MLA would like to especially thank the Smith family and Manitoulin Transport for encouraging this initiative.

Sophia Moutsatsos, associate at MLA Law told the Recorder, “we have six lawyers based out of Sudbury and we will have one in the Gore Bay office every week.”

“MLA Law was established in June 2018,” said Ms. Moutsatsos. “We will be opening the Gore Bay office from Monday to Friday every week and there will be a rotation of six lawyers in our firm that will be there once a week, probably Thursday or Friday, depending on scheduling. The dates are subject to change, but the office will be staffed throughout the week.”

Asked why MLA Law decided to open in Gore Bay, Ms. Moutsatsos said, “in part we were encouraged to set up an office in Gore Bay because, as I understand there has been a recent retirement. We have a few office staff members from Gore Bay and the Smith family had approached us about opening a law firm in Gore Bay.”

MLA Law’s Gore Bay office is located at 47 Meredith Street, Gore Bay (the former credit union), and will open its doors to the public on Friday, April 5. More information can be found at its website at

A new law firm will be setting up in Gore Bay.

Ms. Moutsatsos told the Recorder, “Linda Laakso, one of the (MLA) partners in the firm will be on hand in the Gore Bay office on Friday, April 5. She (specializes) in wills and estates.” 

MLA Law is a Sudbury-based law firm that provides clients with practical and effective solutions for their legal issues. Individuals and companies, small and large, call upon MLA Law for expert advice in the areas of business law, mining and natural resource law, estate planning and real estate.