New Manitoulin Gold smokey sausages unveiled

Burt Family Farms has unveiled the new Manitoulin Gold smokey sausages, which incorporates Manitoulin Gold beer produced by Split Rail Brewing in the sausage recipe. In photo left to right is Eleanor Charlton of Split Rail, Max Burt of Burt Family Farms, and Jason Quinlan and Andie Smith of Split Rail.

ICE LAKE—Burt Family Farms has unveiled a new meat product at their business, which includes a product from a Gore Bay based business.

“What we are debuting is a new type of Manitoulin Gold smokey sausages using our own made pork and maple syrup and incorporating the Split Rail Brewing Company produced Manitoulin Gold beer in the recipe,” said Max Burt, of Burt Family Farms located in Ice Lake. “Our mandate here is from our land to your hand-and this works perfectly into that, of using local products.”

“When we feel we have to expand our product line we search for the one’s that are local,” said Mr. Burt. “If we have to expand (our search) we search for the closest home because it helps to promote the Island and stimulates the economy on Manitoulin.”

“We have actually collaborated with Split Rail on several different events and things since they first opened,” said Mr. Burt. “I had run the idea of this new product of Split Rail and working together, to both Andie (Smith) and Eleanor (Charlton) (the owners of Split Rail Brewing), and they thought it was a good idea. I had contacted a couple of spice companies but I didn’t like the end product so I went back to scratch, and made my own recipe for Manitoulin Gold smokey (sausages). I didn’t want a strong flavour, but more of a light taste flavor, with a little bit of heat. I would assume this product could go along very well with a nice cold beer from Split Rail.

Manitoulin Gold smokeys are going to be available at Burt’s Family Farms and in a cooler at Split Rail Brewing.
“We have a couple of packages left, but we are almost sold out; they have been going fast,” said Jason Quinlan of Split Rail. “We have a couple of top quality products here with our beer and these new sausages produced by Max.”
“Max is, and has been, an inspiration for all of us in business, a leader in providing good quality products and being environmentally conscious,” said Ms. Smith.

“I feel it is important to integrate local products and  being made on Manitoulin Island,” said Mr. Burt. “When people visit they want a taste of Manitoulin, not just the ambience and beauty of the island.”

“Hopefully this will be a signature product here in our retail store and in the cooler at Split Rail,” continued Mr. Burt. He pointed out the Manitoulin Gold smokey sausages were available for hungry patrons at The Live Edge and Inn at Gore Bay at the barbecue it held on Canada Day.

“We are always experimenting on making new products,” said Mr. Burt, and “Manitoulin Gold beer has a citrus, hoppy flavor that complimented our new sausage product.”

The new Manitoulin Gold smokeys are fully cooked so all you need to do is heat and serve them, providing a simple, quick meal, pointed out Mr. Burt.