News from the Mindemoya Library Book Mice

Claire’s Top 5 Picks

‘True Believer’ by Jack Carr 

‘The Rabbit Hunter’ by Lars Kepler

‘Labyrinth’ by Catherine Coulter

‘Dark Age’ by Pierce Brown

‘The Quintland Sisters’ by Shelley Wood

‘True Believer’ – Somewhere a true believer is training to kill you. He doesn’t care how hard it is. He only knows that he wins or he dies. He only knows the cause.

The beginning of a series of coordinated and murderous attacks against the whole of the western world.  As the scope of the mayhem grows ever wider, pulling in country after country, the United States goes on the offensive. Who is pulling the strings? What is their motive? And most important of all, how can the attacks be stopped before bloodshed and economic free fall bring America and her allies to their knees? A good read.

‘The Rabbit Hunter’ – It begins with a nursery rhyme. Nineteen minutes later you die….A stranger wearing a mask stands in the shadow of a garden. Joona Linna must catch a disturbed predator, whose trail of destruction leads back to one horrific night of violence–with consequences more terrifying than anyone could have imagined.

‘Labyrinth’ – FBI agents Savich and Sherlock stumble into a bizarre case that’s more complicated and twisted than any they’ve encountered. On a Tuesday afternoon, Agent Sherlock is driving in downtown Washington when her Volvo is suddenly T-boned at an intersection. As her car spins out of control, a man’s body slams against her windshield and then–blackness. When she regains consciousness in the hospital, she’s told about the accident and the man she struck. No one knows where he is because he ran from the scene of the crash. From DNA they discover his name is Justice Cummings, he’s a CIA analyst at Langley….and he’s still missing.

‘Dark Age’ – For a decade Darrow led a revolution against the corrupt colour-coded Society. Now, outlawed by the very Republic he founded, he wages a rogue war on Mercury in hopes that he can still salvage the dream of Eo. But as he leaves death and destruction in his wake, is he still the hero who broke the chains?  Or will another legend rise to take his place? As alliances shift, break, and reform–and power is seized, lost, and reclaimed–every player is at risk in a game of conquest that could turn the Rising into a new Dark Age.

‘The Quintland Sisters’ – In this story readers are taken inside the devastating true story of the Dionne quintuplets, believed to be the first set of identical sisters born alive, told from the perspective of an aspiring young midwife. Emma Trimpany is just 17 when she assists at the harrowing birth of the Dionne quintuplets: five tiny miracles born to French farmers in hardscrabble Northern Ontario in 1934. Emma cares for them through their perilous first days, and when the government removes the babies from their francophone parents, making them wards of the British king, Emma signs on as their nurse. Over 6,000 daily visitors come to ogle the identical “Quints” playing in their custom-build playground At the height of the Great Depression, the tourism dollars and endorsement deals pour in. As the fight over custody and revenues turns increasingly explosive, Emma is torn between the fishbowl sanctuary of Quintland and the wide world, now teetering on the brink of war. And so it begins…

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