News from the Mindemoya Library Book Mice

Top 5 Picks

1. ‘Songs of Christmas’ by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
2. ‘One Day in August’ by David O’Keefe
3. ‘Gone’ by James Patterson
4. ‘The Valley of Amazement’ by Amy Tan
5. ‘Practice To Deceive’ by Ann Rule

‘Songs of Christmas’ by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer – It’s the happiest time of the year, but the Christmas spirit is lost on Lillian Warwick. Amanda Harding comes home to Cape Light feeling at loose ends in her life. As Christmas nears, Lillian and Amanda both hearken to the sound of their favorite carols, but soon learn that sometimes the sweetest songs of Christmas are still waiting to be sung. ‘Tis the season to celebrate with friends, some are old, some are new…and some are totally unexpected.

‘One Day in August’ by David O’Keefe – The untold story behind Canada’s tragedy at Dieppe. This story reveals in full the “Ultra Secret” story behind one of WWII’s most controversial mysteries and one of Canada’s more sorrowful moments. For seven decades, the objective for the raid has been one of the most perplexing mysteries of WWII. In just six hours on August 19, 1942 nearly one thousand Canadians—as well as British and Americans—lay dead or dying on the beaches around the French seaside town, with over two thousand other Canadians wounded or captured. After almost two decades of research, and sifting through countless recently declassified intelligence documents, the author skillfully pieces together the story like a jigsaw puzzle to reveal the prime reason behind the raid.

‘Gone’ by James Patterson – A crime lord is on the loose and he’s declared war on Detective Michael Bennett’s family. Detective Michael Bennett is the only US official ever to succeed in putting the crime lord Manuel Perrine behind bars, but now Perrine is out, vowing to find and kill Bennett and everyone dear to him. A good read.

‘The Valley of Amazement’ by Amy Tan – It’s 1912 in Shanghai and Violet Minturn is the privileged daughter of the American madam of the city’s most exclusive courtesan house. But when the Ching dynasty is overturned, Violet is separated from her mother in a cruel act of chicanery. Half-Chinese and half-American, Violet grapples with her place in the worlds of East and West. Spanning more than forty years and two continents this story transports readers from the collapse of China’s last imperial dynasty to the beginning of the Republic and recaptures the lost world of old Shanghai.

‘Practice to Deceive’ by Ann Rule – In this true story the author unravels a shattering case of Christmastime murder off the coast of Washington state. It’s a case with drama, greed, sex and scandal, a murder that was cruel, ugly and senseless.

Another new book that has just come in is ‘How We Lead’ by Joe Clark, ‘Canada in a Century of Change,’ ‘The Longer I’m Prime Minister – Stephen Harper and Canada 2006’ by Paul Wells and also ‘Manitoulin and Region – Voices from the Past’ by Margaret E. Derry. We also have Jan McQuay’s new book ‘Scenic Manitoulin Through The Seasons.’

The library addition is almost completed. Jack Ashley is doing a wonderful job.

We are all so excited and can hardly wait, although there will be a lot of work moving books and shelving etc. If you have any free time please phone the library (705-377-5334) and leave your name and number and we will call you.

To all our friends of the library and volunteers, we will be having our Christmas luncheon on Tuesday, December 10 at 11:30 am at The Roosterant and you are invited!

There will be a $10 to $15 gift exchange also. Please phone by November 30 to let us know you are attending. Hope to see you there.

See you at the library!