Pink Party breast cancer fundraiser for research a fun-filled success story

LITTLE CURRENT—The Royal Canadian Legion in Little Current was a hive of pink activity last Saturday evening as members of the Relay for Life team Baby Steps held a ‘pink party’ for their cause, raising funds and giving local business owners a chance to showcase their offerings.

Head organizer Becky Ferguson explained that she happened upon the idea for the pink party while searching the Pinterest site and, after raising the idea of having a vendor-filled pink-themed event open to everyone to Polished business owner Marilee Harasym, who immediately jumped on board, Ms. Ferguson decided to run with it.

“Last year (our first year attending the relay) we managed to raise over $5,000, as a team, surpassing any records ever set at the Espanola event,” Ms. Ferguson explained. “While we were very proud of our accomplishments, many of us voiced concern that community members are already asked for donations from various other organizations. We didn’t want to take away from their worthy causes. In addition, because our team was made up of multiple family members, we worried that people closest to us were being persuaded into donating more than they normally would. We decided at the end of last year’s Relay for Life that we needed to plan fundraising events early.”

The culmination was a fun-filled evening of pampering, games, food and plenty of great items on offer from local businesses, all, of course, designed around the theme of pink—the official colour of breast cancer awareness. From pink cupcakes to pink hair extensions and pink toes, the event was a great success.

“Within about a week we had over 10 businesses booked,” Ms. Ferguson explained. “The response we received from businesses was outstanding! Everyone was very willing to help. Team members stepped forward with ideas for games and activities. The event actually went together very easily. Our final total at the end of the night was over $1,500!” Ms. Ferguson exclaimed.

The 2014 Baby Steps team consists of: Stacey Chisholm, Brenda Chisholm, Brock Chisholm, Erin Lariviere, Becky Ferguson, Michelle McGillis-Prior, Linda McGillis, Heidi Ferguson, Casey Boisvert, Tracy VanHorne, Sarah VanHorne, Julia VanHorne, April Aelick and Danielle Robinson.

 Alicia McCutcheon