No sympathy for the ticketed

A wish that other towns would enforce their rules too

To the Expositor:

To the people that received their parking tickets, it’s about time the town started issuing parking tickets (‘Little Current parking tickets shock and dismay retirees,’ September 16, Page 4). I just wish the other towns on the Island would enforce the laws they have on the books. Parking in fire lanes, parking in wheelchair parking when not qualified, smoking in banned areas (our halls and arenas) the list goes on forever. People have been abusing any of the bylaws we have because no one enforces those laws until some one complains. Good example is the people around Morrow’s Road (Central Manitoulin) complaining about a trailer being parked where it is not allowed according to the bylaws. How about we get the laws on our books enforced before making up new ones!

As for the people who do get tickets in the downtown of Little Current, looks good on you. Those parking signs have been there for awhile now, you got complacent and it caught up to you. So many times I have had a hard time finding parking during the winter (which is off season) that I have changed my plans and went else where with my business so it is to the benefit of all businesses that someone does enforce the parking.

Our bylaw enforcement officer should be a bylaw enforcement officer not a building inspector and dog catcher at the same time so the officer can enforce the laws.

Lloyd Elliott