No underground storage tank at Old School site

Mindemoya Old School

MINDEMOYA – There was some good news coming last week from Central Manitoulin as there appears to be no underground storage tank located near the Mindemoya Old School property.

As had been reported previously, before Central Manitoulin council can look at doing anything in terms of future plans for the Old School building, and regardless of whether they will sell, lease or rent the building to the Friends of the Mindemoya Old School committee or have the building demolished, council had agreed with a recommendation from its property committee to investigate the potential underground storage tank at the Old School site. 

Richard Stephens, mayor of the Municipality of Central Manitoulin told the Recorder late last week, “that information was needed to determine what direction we can take next with the building. It’s good news that there is no actual underground storage tank on the property and we can now at least consider proceeding with the development of the building as proposed by the Friends of the Old School. This at least removes one of the obstacles.”

Ruth Frawley, CAO/clerk for the municipality also confirmed late last week that the town works crew, had dug around the site and didn’t find a storage tank. The work crew did find some copper pipes that had been crimped, so something had been there previously, but isn’t there now.”

Municipal council had previously agreed that exploring the possibility of a storage tank near the building had to be undertaken. It has been explained that there is a meter in the Old School building that suggested there might be a storage tank underground, near the building.