Ontarians are still saying no to selling off Hydro, but the government isn’t listening

Never believe what the government is telling you

To the Expositor:

When it comes to selling part of Hydro One citizens are still saying no to this, but Kathleen Wynne’s government is still not listening. As I said before, this government is not above the law and they also have to abide by the law, especially when citizens are saying no to sell part of Hydro One. The only ones who are gaining from this is southern Ontario, but nothing for Northern Ontario, just getting more expensive and further more I think it’s time to investigate this energy minister.

If he had anything to do with this by-election scandal in Sudbury, these politicians or ministers do not have to testify in courts. That’s the way the law is set and with this kind of law, that gives them the freedom to break so many laws and these laws need to be changed so that the courts would be able to serve a subpoena to a minister or a politician to testify in court. If the courts have this kind of power I bet the government would smarten up; they would not have so much freedom to do as they wish anymore.

I wonder how citizens would feel if an investigation is done against this energy minister? He may have something to do with this, also you never believe what the government is saying or telling you.

Ronald Osawabine