OPP close local provincial highways due to road and weather conditions

SUDBURY / ESPANOLA–The Ontario Police (OPP) is advising the motoring public that all area Provincial Highways are closed due to road and weather conditions which are expected to continue throughout the day.

  • All major highway in the Sudbury and surrounding area are closed
  • All major highways in the Warren and Noelville area are closed
  • The Public are asked to stay off the roads.
  • We are trying our best to have the roads re-opened
  • Public are reminded not to call 911 or the OPP for road maintenance issues
  • For road maintenance issues call:  MTO 1-800-268-4686

DBI   1-866-876-7310

All motorists are advised to remain off the highways until further. The OPP also reminds the driving public that driving on a closed highway is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act.