Parents must confirm student attendance for in school or online learning

If they have not done so already, parents/guardians of students in Rainbow Schools must confirm student attendance for in school or online learning by 1 pm on Friday, August 21, 2020.

When classes resume, Rainbow Schools will re-open for in-class instruction in elementary and secondary schools with enhanced health and safety protocols.

To ensure parents/guardians make decisions that work for their children and family, distance learning will be offered for students who choose not to attend in person. 

Rainbow District School Board reminds parents/guardians who have not done so already that they are required to confirm whether their children will be attending in person or online by completing a Confirmation of Attendance form by 1 pm on Friday, August 21, 2020. Parents/guardians must complete one form per child.

The form can be accessed online at

There is a link to the form from the board website –

If not attending in-person, students will be expected to attend school remotely on a full-time basis with access to learning materials posted online as well as synchronous (live) and asynchronous (pre-recorded) learning opportunities throughout the day. 

Attendance will be taken daily.

Elementary students will have timetables to connect remotely/synchronously with a distance learning teacher. Secondary students will connect synchronously (live to the classroom) with their regular classroom teachers.

Technology will be provided, as required, for distance learning.

Please note: The earliest time students who opt for distance learning can reintegrate into face-to-face instruction will be at mid-term in November.

Rainbow District School Board has produced a Reopening Guide to help parents/guardians make an informed decision. The guide can be accessed at and includes an overview of health and safety protocols being implemented in all schools to limit the spread of COVID-19.