Joan and Terry Stuckless are happy to be able to be able to stay in their camper-trailer at the home of friends in Gore Bay. The couple were evacuated from their home at Henvey Inlet due to the major forest fire in the Parry Sound region.

GORE BAY—You could hear the excitement and happiness in Joan Stuckless’ voice this past Tuesday, as she relayed the news that she and her husband Terry, along with their two dogs, are finally able to go home.

“We can actually go home today,” Ms. Stuckless stated. It has been almost three weeks since she and her husband had to evacuate their home at Henvey Inlet on Pickerel River due to the Parry Sound 33 fire (but has now been reported as being contained). The couple have been living in their camper-trailer at the home of Chad and Lara Chevrette, in Gore Bay.

“One of our friends texted me the news yesterday and I texted the fire chief that is taking care of the area where our home is,” said Ms. Stuckless. “He said that he would let me know at 4 pm yesterday and we were told that as of noon today (Tuesday) residents of the Henvey Inlet can return home. We will be returning home a little later. We’ll probably be home around 3 to 4 pm this afternoon.”

“The firefighters were taking the suppression water lines down from the houses and cottages in our area, so I think everything will be fine,” said Ms. Stuckless.                        

From texting and being texted from friends near their home on Pickerel River, “everybody is excited to be able to go back home,” continued Ms. Stuckless. “It has been almost three weeks since we were evacuated. It will be great to be back home.”