The people who elected Donald Trump will pay a hefty price

He must be removed from power and soon

To the Expositor:

When I’m listening to the news, if President Trump comes on I usually switch to another channel temporarily. It’s so tiring listening to this idiot who does not know how to run a country as a leader. He may know how to run a business, but when it comes to running a country as a leader, it’s a whole different ball game.

It’s not a bed of roses, he certainly does not know how to work with other people or other countries. He thinks he can have his way all the time, well he is wrong about that. If he is going to put tariffs on steel and aluminum, he is going to cost a lot of jobs. Jobs will be lost, and other countries will retaliate in some way.

The people who voted this guy into office will pay a hefty price for their mistakes. They will end up losing more than they are gaining. The people are saying who knows more about this, it may cause the economy to go on a downturn. It will cost more for the goods that we buy, including cars and bikes (motorcycles). Like I said before, they have to get rid of this leader as soon as possible, have him removed from office. There are people who can do this, they do have the power.

Ron Osawabine