Piebald deer herd makes appearance just outside village of Kagawong

KAGAWONG—A group of piebald (partially albino) deer in Kagawong are certainly getting a lot of attention.

“Oh yeah, you see people stopping and taking pictures of them,” said Peter Gordon who, along with his wife Patti, live just outside the village of Kagawong on Younge Street. 

“There are actually four deer in our yard normally, a mom had one piebald deer and a normal coloured deer last year,” Mr. Gordon told The Expositor. “And she had two new piebald deer this year (along with the two fawns previously). And there is a third new fawn, piebald from another doe on our property this year.”

“We had noticed them last year, watched for them over the winter and were surprised the doe had two new piebald deer this year, and another doe had another piebald fawn this year,” continued Mr. Gordon. “It is quite amazing.”

Mr. Gordon said the deer, “don’t range very far, no one in Rainbow Heights has seen them, and even our neighbour up the street hasn’t seen them yet. They are safe here.”

Often confused with an albino, a piebald deer is slightly more common and is also a genetic mutation. Piebald deer can have varying amounts of white hair, some piebald deer can be almost pure white except for small patches of regular brown hair, while others carry just patches of white hair with otherwise normal markings.