Plastic bag regime looks like another scam on ordinary people

Never let mankind’s influence get to you—it leads to the road of darkness

To the Expositor:

I keep hearing about single use plastic bags banning and I am seeing the government is going the wrong way about it. They are going after the ordinary citizens to do it. How come they are not going after these big companies who are making these plastic bags to stop forcing ordinary citizens to pay more for the plastic bags they use because stores are making you pay for the plastic bags? Should think about that, so what the heck is going on between these big companies and the government is it one of these dirty tricks again on how to make more money off an ordinary citizen?

I still see a lot of plastic products around, even in our packaged goods and plastic is being used and always ends up in the landfill site. Citizens just do not have that kind of money to pay more when this stupid government is not helping enough, then giving handouts to these businesses in the millions of dollars, who do not need the help (high tech, big corporations and mining companies) because fighting climate change is not going to work the way they are going about it.

I believe I’m much closer to mother nature then anybody else because I never let mankind’s influence get to me. It leads to the road of darkness. I would rather live in the light of life. Something to think about.

Ronald Osawabine