EVANSVILLE—The popular annual Kids Fishing Derby, organized and hosted by the Gore Bay and District Fish and Game Club (GBFGC), is returning in 2018!

This marks the first time in three years the derby is being held. Due to weather and bad ice conditions the past two years, the event has not taken place (although the GBFGC did hold a pond derby last year). The annual kids fishing derby will take place on Saturday, February 17 during the Family Day Weekend from 12 noon to 3 pm on Lake Wolsey. All participants up to 18 years of age are welcome to take part in the derby, which is free to enter.

“Hopefully we will have a good turnout this year,” said Mr. Witty. “We had to set back the date of the derby from the usual March Break because of weather and ice conditions that forced postponement of the derby the past two years. Safety comes first as far as our club is concerned.”

Mr. Witty noted that since the derby didn’t take place in 2016 or 2017 he has a lot of prizes on hand that he had gathered for the 2016 event. “So I will only be canvassing those businesses that I didn’t previously.”

Registration for the derby starts at 11 am on February 17. Food and refreshments are provided and prizes will be presented at the end of the derby.

For more information call Ches Witty at 705-282-8047.