Prayers go out to Connecticut parents

To the Expositor:

I am just watching the television broadcast on CNN on Friday afternoon (December 14) regarding the shooting of innocent young children and their teachers and staff in Newtown, Connecticut as I write this. How difficult it must be for the parents and families and the community! Our prayers go out to them. I can’t help but ask myself a number of questions. Maybe some of the readers of this paper have similar questions. “How long, Lord, how long will you put up with us? You created such a beautiful world and we continue to make such a mess of it, financially, environmentally, morally, ethically, spiritually—what can we do, Lord? Where is the will to get along and to love one another as Jesus and others have taught the world? When will we show respect for one another, for Mother Earth, and for all her creatures? When will we begin to provide greater protection against violence particularly against women and children? When will there be an end to wars and killing? When will there be a desire for honesty and humility and for helping one another? When will we begin to listen to one another?”

It seems like our problems are almost beyond us. We need help. Perhaps it is time we all got down on our knees and begged God to help us! In the past, as recorded in the Bible, when people have repented of their ways and have asked God for forgiveness, He has listened to our cries and has responded to our needs. May it be so again.

Reverend Martin Garniss
Knox, Fairview,
and St. Andrew’s United Churches