PRESS RELEASE – UCCM Police issue fines under stay-at-home order

M’CHIGEENG—On January 12, UCCM Anishnaabe Police located a male from the Vaughan area at a residence in M’Chigeeng First Nation. Subsequently, the individual was fined $880 for breaching provincial stay-at-home orders. A male from M’Chigeeng was also charged and fined $880 in relation to the same incident.

UCCM Police are reminding the public that under current Emergency Orders, individuals are to remain in their homes at all times and leave only for essential purposes. Police will be enforcing emergency orders as part of a campaign that includes suspected drug possession and trafficking and other criminal activity. Please call police if you suspect that someone is in contravention of emergency orders.

We must all do our part to keep our communities safe and healthy. Please stay home and stay safe.