Providence Bay businesswoman seeks shelter and work for Ukrainian refugees

Vera Kuminov

PROVIDENCE BAY—A Providence Bay businesswoman is doing what she can to help Ukrainian people who have left the war-torn country to come to Canada to find safety, work and a place to live.

“If I can change the world for one child, one woman or a family, it is worth it,” stated Vera Kuminov who, with her business partner, owns Huron Sands Motel in Providence Bay. Ms. Kuminov was raised in Crimea, having emigrated first to Israel and then to Canada, (the latter for employment) and is reaching out to help Ukrainians who are starting to arrive in Canada.

“Well, I certainly couldn’t stand around and watch what is going on there,” stated Ms. Kuminov. “There are many people from Ukraine who are coming to Canada with no jobs, a place to stay or any money. I just decided to post online a request for any help that people or businesses can provide in terms of jobs or even places where people could stay. I have had a really good response.”

“I really have no idea what I’m doing, but I want to help out,” said Ms. Kuminov. She explained, “we have a 61-year-old refugee lady from Kiev coming to the Island in a couple of weeks and she is going to be hosted by a family on the Island. She used to work in marketing but has very basic English so she is willing to take on any job—cleaning, housekeeping, gardening—or anything that is available.”

“We’ve already found a place locally for two women and a six-year-old girl,” said Ms. Kuminov. “And we have another couple coming with two children and eventually they will be moving to Parry Sound.”

“I feel really bad for the people of Ukraine and what they are going through,” said Ms. Kuminov, who moved to Canada seven years ago to work in Toronto for Telus. She and her business partner, Inessa Taibert, are planning to bring a couple from the Ukraine to work with them at Huron Sands.

“I have received a tremendous response from local people and businesses in trying to help out people from Ukraine,” said Ms. Kuminov. “The response has been heartwarming. We have been here (Providence Bay) four years this summer. I am lucky to be here. The people of Providence Bay and the Island are wonderful.”

“I want to help out as much as I can and I will try my best to help the people who are moving to Canada from the Ukraine,” said Ms. Kuminov.

If you are interested in helping out or have employment or accommodation that would help a Ukrainian refugee, you can contact Ms. Kuminov via email at