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It’s so wonderful seeing all of the beautiful signs of spring in our area. The grass is turning green, the trees are budding, the birds can be heard singing in the morning and the boardwalk and the playground on the beach is being used. Fishermen are out catching rainbow trout at the mouth of the river.

Many people are enjoying the fantastic weather and are getting a head start on their yard work and gardens. Daffodils are in bloom providing cheerful feelings just by seeing them. Our snowbirds are back, the park has opened and the seasonal residents are back. Our local businesses are preparing for the upcoming summer season. It’s an energizing time of year.

The monthly euchre tournament was held on Tuesday, April 30. First place winners were Marion and Pat’s team with 92 points. They earned those points by also winning the most lone hands, a total of 10 all night. Second place was won by Bill and Laura who were right behind them with 88 points. Eva and Donna took third place with 85 closely followed by Fred and Bev with 80 points. It sounds like it was an exciting night for euchre players. The lowest scoring winners were Donna and Bernice. Better luck next month, ladies.

It was announced on May 1 that former business owner Don Prescott was elected to the Greater Sudbury Sports Hall of Fame. Don (along with wife Naida, who passed away a year ago, and son Delroy) have been staples in the fastball community of not only Manitoulin Island and Sudbury but also Ontario and Canada for many, many years. In fact, the writer of this column visited Cuba years ago and when mentioning to a fellow traveller that she was from Providence Bay, they asked about fastball umpire and restauranteur Don Prescott. Don was also a standout hockey and fastball player in his younger years. Such a wonderful tribute to a great man. Congratulations, Don. The induction ceremony will take place in Sudbury June 12.

Happy belated birthday wishes go out to former resident Kelly Smith who celebrated May 1. Happy belated birthday wishes on May 5 also go out to one year old Jackson Bryan who is Chris’s son. A grandson of Glen and Mona. 

The Community of Christ Church has started meeting once a week on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm from May to August. Their plan is to have a meal together and then have discussions about pop culture items of the day through music or video clips. They will focus on finding positive ideas that bring hope and peace. They plan to discuss their spiritual ideas in an inclusive setting. They are hoping to encourage teens and youth to come out and participate. 

Don’t forget the volunteer beach cleanup day. This is being held Saturday, May 11 beginning at 10 am. Bring your own rake and come on out to help clean our beach. Of course the township will continue with their plans to clean the beach but we can do our part too. Barbecued hot dogs and soft drinks will be provided to volunteers. Meet at the Harbour Centre to receive direction where you can help. The rain date is Sunday, May 12.

Calling all vendors who are interested in participating in the new Farmers’ Market near the Harbour Centre that will be held every Saturday throughout the summer beginning May 18 (the long weekend). Contact Ted Smith at 705-282-6255 if you are interested in renting a table or have questions.

Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the Shell Station! On a serious note, spring is here and turtles are on the move to nest, lay eggs and search for food. Some of Ontario’s turtle species, such as the Blanding’s turtle, may travel up to six km in search of nesting habitat. In southern Ontario, one cannot travel more than 1.5 km without crossing a road, so turtles may have to cross several roads to reach their nesting sites. Female turtle may even create their nests on the shoulders of roads, which can then be destroyed during road maintenance, such as grading. How to help a turtle cross the road: if it’s safe to do so then helping a turtle cross the road can be very beneficial for turtle conservation. You can be a turtle crossing guard by picking up a turtle and moving it in the direction it is going.

For most species, especially the smaller ones, you can grab them like a hamburger and pick them up. However, on a snapping turtle that is a danger zone for your hands as they can reach out and snap you. Instead, it’s best to grab them by the back of their shell, tip them up like a wheel barrel, and walk them over to a safe spot.

To learn more about turtles visit 

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