Providence Bay News and Notes

Condolences go out to the family of Joe Patreau who passed away in Sault Ste Marie on Wednesday, September 21.

Condolences also go out to Pat and Don Burke following the death of Pat’s sister. Joyce Keeling’s battle with lung cancer ended peacefully on Friday, September 23. Services are being held in Chesley, Ontario on Wednesday, September 28.

We’re happy to see Eddy and Betty Simpson back in the community.

Cheryl Sheppard and Ingrid Blay motored to Toronto for a couple of days vacation. While there, they helped Kerry George to celebrate her 60th birthday. They went to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, enjoyed dinner at Wayne Gretzky’s then attended a show at The Second City. A great time was had by all. Kerry then returned to Manitoulin Island for a week’s holiday. 

Tanya Giles has worked tireless collecting 1700 signatures on a petition calling on the Ontario government to take action on climbing Hydro One costs and to improve services provided by the company, as well as to not sell off Hydro One. This petition was presented to the legislative assembly of Ontario by Michael Mantha MPP on September 23. Way to go Tanya for standing up and advocating on behalf of all of us.

Our nursery of plants along with newly donated plants have returned to our Village Square.  Thank you Mary-Jo for taking such good care of them over the past year.  Kudos to all the volunteers who helped put them in over the weekend and for continuing to work to improve our community.

We also definitely appreciate the hard work of the volunteers and businesses for getting our community looking wonderful for the Harvest Glory Days competition. Everyone’s homes, yards and street poles are really coming along. If you haven’t decorated your yard yet, we’d like to encourage you to do so before Thanksgiving since the community will be judged the week following the holiday weekend. It would be wonderful to be able to win the contest and display a roadside sign pronouncing our community spirit.

The Providence Bay Tent and Trailer Park will soon be closing for the season and we’ll sure miss seeing our seasonal residents.

Providence Bay is once again having a Halloween dance! Hurray! So mark your calendar, think of a cool costume and come out for a fun filled evening. It will be held on Saturday, October 29 at the Providence Bay Hall. $15/person, 8 pm –  am, LLBO, late lunch, DJ Kyd Chris from Sudbury and prizes for costumes. Proceeds go to Manitoulin Streams, kids free skating and our Village Square.

If you have any news, information, birthdays or special events that you would like to see printed in The Providence Bay News and Notes, please let us know. We know that there is a lot going on in our little village but we need the information to be able to submit it. We kindly ask that you let us know by each Sunday by 3 pm for submission in the following Wednesday’s paper. You can email or you can call Cheryl at 705-377-7511. Have a great week everyone!