Providence Bay News & Notes

Dan and Alexia Gilchrist along with their five-year-old daughter Ceilidh were home to visit family and friends over Christmas.

Nathan Kay and friends were home to visit parents Tabby and Sharlene Kay. While here, they took the opportunity to get out ice fishing and enjoyed catching just enough perch for a small feed.

Margaret Mitchell, a former summer resident of Providence Bay, passed away in her home at Pioneer Manor in Sudbury with family by her side. Our condolences go out to sons Kevin and Brian and the extended family.

Anna and Don Orford celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary on December 28. They celebrated with friends Rod and Cheryl Dewar-Giroux and Roger and Lois Newton.

Cheryl Sheppard motored to Toronto to take in ‘Bat Out of Hell’ at the Ed Mirvish Theatre. It was a great break away for an evening out at a nice restaurant and a fantastic show.

Les Glanville travelled down to Texas and visited Mexico with daughter Lesley Kerckhoff, granddaughter Emily and other family.

The New Year’s Eve Dance that was hosted by the Providence Bay and Spring Bay Lions Club was very well attended and everyone had a great time. Thank you to all of the volunteers and to everyone who attended. A good time was had by all and thank you all again.

Malene Brynildsen, aka ‘the church lady,’ shared the following story: “After having lived in Providence Bay for less than a month, I was away for nearly a month; returning to Providence Bay on January 2. While I was gone it snowed fairly prodigiously here. On my drive back home, coming up from Toronto, I was mentally preparing to come home to a snowed-in front entrance to my home and the ensuing shoveling. Well, imagine my surprise and utter delight when I pulled up to my house and someone (I don’t know who) had generously and very kindly shoveled a path (and a wide one at that) from the road to my front door. I don’t know who did it, but whoever it is has shown me yet again just how incredibly fortunate I am to have landed in Providence Bay which seems to be populated by just the kindest, most helpful people one could imagine and I am very grateful to that person.”

Happy belated 10th birthday wishes go out to Tieren Noble who celebrated on January 4.

The monthly breakfast held at the curling club was well attended with over 20 people coming in and supporting. Thanks to all who did.

Don’t forget to come out and cheer on your favourite team at the annual Pearson Cup hockey tournament being held at the Providence Bay Arena this weekend.

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