Province gives approval for Manitoulin Central Family Health Team project

MANITOULIN—The Manitoulin Health Centre (MHC) is pleased to announce that it has received the go-ahead from the Ministry of Health (MOH) to proceed with the construction planning of the Manitoulin Central Family Health Team (MCFHT) project. MHC received its approval letter late Friday afternoon, April 11.

“Absolutely, we are very excited that we have now received approval,” stated Lynne Foster, chief financial officer with the MHC last Friday. “It has been a long process and has been a little different than similar MHC projects.” With the FHT, “we are dealing with two branches of the ministry, the MHC as owner of the building is dealing with the capital branch and Lori Oswald and the FHT are dealing with the health care branch of the ministry. The process is similar, but slightly different.”

An MHC release explains, “to date, a project team has been established consisting of representatives from MHC, MCFHT and the primary consultant, Yallowega Belanger Architecture. Much work has been accomplished in completing the project’s detailed working drawings. The approval letter allows the team to move to the next planning stage which, under an open competitive process, extends a public invitation to tender. Very shortly this construction opportunity will be released both in print and electronically to local, regional and national markets. So please standby for that next, very important step in the process.”

“In terms of the next steps, the tender posting will go out so we can receive bids from contractors and be considering them,” said Ms. Foster.“The MHC would like to thank the Ministry of Health for working closely with us. We are very excited about this and are eager to move the project forward,” the release adds.