Provincial election likely lies less than a year away

To the Expositor:

We are now a little more than one year out from a provincial election if not sooner. That election is, like all previous, crucial to your quality of life and of those you love, no different than elections that have gone before. The next provincial election also will include your local public school trustee.

I urge readers to look at the performance or interest shown in our local area, or lack of it, by those who threw their names in the ring in the last round. Are they, or were they, around and contributing to their community? Also, assessment of those who actually won their election is crucial. Did they stay involved in community activities, did they keep the incumbent accountable and challenge them to stay on track when needed to be told? This accountability you should demand includes the elected candidate and did he/she advocate for your interests, or work tirelessly on behalf of the community? Did they keep you informed and up to speed? What were their promises at election time and did they keep them? Look at it as them paying for or deserving to have your vote.

You have around a year to carefully assess and evaluate those who would run for office, who has run and was elected and where they are now in relation to satisfying or meeting your expectations. They will not always be successful, but did they try? Those who will run for office should announce their intentions now and be seen and heard. They should not just be a flash in the pan at election time.

It is your choice and I challenge you to hold your elected official accountable including myself. Remember those key moments that helped or hindered you and your families quality of life. Did your vote pay off in that the official you voted for do the best they could for you and your community?

Remember, I say “Quality of leaders and their work cannot succeed unless those who express their choice by voting those various individuals to lead, are prepared to choose wisely. “The real safeguard of obtaining quality leaders is, therefore, education.” Educate yourself before you choose!

One year, perhaps less!

Larry Killens, public school trustee and voter
South Baymouth