Local mechanic backs dental boycott

To the Expositor:

Hats off to Dr. Bill Studzienny (‘Island dentist chooses against treating First Nations and municipal councillors voting for wind turbines, May 8, page 1). I am in 100 percent agreement with him—it is common sense not to perform work for those you have a conflict with. I support his statement and the same applies for my place of business Punkari’s Pit Stop. I have already denied service to two people I have conflicts with.

It is also not very polite what some people are writing about his practice and employees on Facebook. There is one person on that site that called his secretary (my wife) a racist! The second word is the worst possible word you can call a lady. I’m sure you all know what that word is and he is a council member.

To sign a petition saying no to industrial wind turbines, visit http://chn.ge/18nd7OX.

Dave Punkari