Pure Relaxation Studio opens in Mindemoya

Melanie Blain has just recently opened Pure Relaxation Studio in Mindemoya.

MINDEMOYA – In these difficult times we could all use a little pure relaxation and Pure Relaxation Studio, which has just opened in Mindemoya is a good place to start. The business is owned and operated by Melanie Blain.

“I was a registered massage therapist in Tilbury, Ontario,” Ms. Blain told the Recorder last week. “There I focused on therapeutic treatments. Unfortunately, I had some health issues and had to give up my career and therefore my registration.” 

Ms. Blain and her husband already owned property here on the Island, with the hopes of eventually retiring here. So, with the news of her being unable to continue with her career and an unexpected offer to buy her residence in southern Ontario, she and her husband took it as a sign it was time to move on. 

Soon after making the move Ms. Blain secured employment at The Flower Hutch in Gore Bay. “I really enjoyed working at the flower shop but it just wasn’t my calling,” said Ms. Blain. “So when I saw the spa in Kagawong was looking for providers I was excited to get back to what I knew. After about a year-and-a-half I decided it was time to venture off on my own.”

At her business located at 2236 Highway 551 in Mindemoya, Ms. Blain provides relaxation massages, pregnancy massage, Indian head massage as well as facials, reflexology treatments and energy work including reiki and chakra clearing treatments. She also offers specialized treatments for children. She feels its good to teach children the importance of self-care.
“Like so many businesses these days we were delayed in getting opened thanks to COVID-19,” said Ms. Blain. “Yes, I wondered several times if it was ever going to get to the end point and I could open my business.”

Pure Relaxation Studio is open three days a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 am to 5 pm by appointment or chance. 

For more information or to make an appointment call or text 705-918-0549.