Reader pleased to see Manor board meetings reported in The Manitoulin Expositor

To the Expositor:

It was with some shock and then some admiration when I turned to page 13 of the March 11, 2015 edition of The Expositor and saw at the top of the page ‘Manitoulin Centennial Manor Board Minutes.’ As a retired Manor employee, along with many others in the public, there were always questions in the past as to why the Manor board never published their minutes in the newspaper like other public boards, such as the hospital. Along with that was the question of why the Manor never advertised their upcoming board meetings and I see that is also done in the last paragraph of their board meeting minutes.

This is a very pleasant and up-beat occurrence (especially for someone like myself who was a long-term Manor employee and who has also served with the union local there) and I think it bodes well to show that accountability and transparency is such an important element in public facilities with public boards. I can’t help but think, though, why did this change occur now, after all these years? Is it possibly because of a new administrator and some new board members who better understand their accountability to the public (taxpayers)? Whatever the reason, it is an excellent move in the right direction; so kudos to whoever implemented this necessary source of information from a public facility to the public at large!

Thank you,

Greg Young

A retired Manor worker


EDITOR’S NOTE: The last two meetings of the Manitoulin Centennial Manor board were covered by Expositor staffer Robin Burridge, the author of the minutes.