Rebuttal from the organic turnip patch

To the Expositor:

Appears once again Mr. Desjardins proves incapable of visualizing his own illogical fallacies, without smearing the mirror (note his letter to the editor, ‘The free market versus socialism: India sets an interesting standard’ in the September 1 edition). As a person with Indigenous heritage, I am fully aware of the debt Karl Marx has to the egalitarian North American tribal spiritual cultures. Due to Marx’s justified resentment of the corrupt Roman Catholic Church, he was confused by the difference between matriarchal Indigenous spirituality and the patriarchal imperialist religions. In his utopian communism, he threw the spiritual baby out with the bathwater, attempting to remove spirituality from his idealized philosophy. At a young age, my father clarified this communist fallacy and the importance of embracing one’s Indigenous soul, our psychic connection to the collective consciousness of our planet and our duty as stewards of this global ecosystem we call home. Smearing me as some kind of “pinko commie” only makes me laugh. Desjardins is someone who has obviously drunk the capitalist Kool Aid and fails to see the common imperialist form of fascism, inherent in both capitalist and communist governments. This distinction is not lost on the large number of countries that continue to embrace democratic socialism. 

The Expositor editorial that upset Mr. Desjardins did not make false claims about the current space war between Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk, for that matter. Though the true pollution caused by these different designs of spacecraft has been bragged about in the media by the billionaires in question: “In the end one can probably conclude that we don’t need fewer rockets and less space tourism, as much as we need fewer billionaires.”

Despite the sneers, Canadians can be very proud we have such brilliant journalists as Naomi Klein. In Venezuela, the popular ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ comes under attack from the same neoliberal forces that fueled its rise. This is a continuation of the early 19th century revolution by Simon de Bolivar that freed the Spanish territories from slavery and colonialism in what is now Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. None of these Latin American countries are dictatorships, despite the mainstream media CIA talking points to the contrary. The quote from the L.A. Times is a blatant lie! Naomi Klein in her truthfully detailed ‘Shock Doctrine’ correctly portrayed capitalism: “as a global conspiracy that instigates financial crises and exploits poor countries in the wake of natural disasters.” Whatever economic shakiness exists currently in Venezuela is a result of the continued ruthless “economic sanctions.”

The CIA continues its assassination attempts to undermine Venezuela’s democratic socialism that successfully resists the multinational corporate plunder of Venezuela’s proven oil reserves, recognized as the largest in the world.

Sadly, the University of Chicago shock doctrine continues unabated around the planet. This certainly includes India:  another depressing saga of the multinational plunder of global natural resources dating from the 18th century East India Company, the first multinational corporation, to current corporate criminals. 

Today, justice still goes begging.

D.S. McPhail