Riding boundaries submission deadline October 1

SUDBURY—The deadline to indicate a desire to make a presentation to the Electoral Boundaries Commission on the redistribution of ridings for the 2015 election is fast approaching.

In order to be on the schedule for the 2 pm meeting at Tom Davies Square in Sudbury, presenters must signify their intent to appear before the commission or present a written submission by October 1.

The indication of intent does not require all of your points or your actual written submission, just a letter indicating your intent.

Your notice of presentation should include: your name, address and contact information; the organization you represent (if any); the date of the public hearing that you wish to attend; a short overview of the issues you intend to address; your official language of preference, and any accommodation needs you may have.

Your written notice can be sent to the Commission Secretary at ontario@rfed-rcf.ca or you can fill out a form online at www.redecoupage-federal-redistribution.ca. You can also send your written notice by mail to: Ms. Beverly Hayter,
Commission, Secretary,
Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario, 130 King Street West, Suite 3670,
P.O. Box 368,
Toronto, ON,
M5X 2A2.

It is important to give written notice as failure to do so may result in your not being able to make a presentation. It is also important to note that “any submission along with your name, in the form of an oral or written presentation, sent or presented to the electoral boundaries commission, shall be deemed a public submission and may therefore be accessible to the general public. It may also be included in transcriptions of public hearings and published on the Internet.”