School board to assess archiving of livestreamed board meetings

RAINBOW DISTRICT—The Rainbow District School Board (RDSB) is exploring the potential of archiving its regular board livestreamed meetings so those who are interested can view the meetings at a later time.

“We have a motion on the books to examine the costs for archiving livestreamed meetings and that will be reported back at either the March or April meeting,” said RDSB Manitoulin trustee Margaret Stringer. She said the board will make a determination about archiving livestreamed meetings at that time.

At a regular RDSB meeting last week, Trustee Anita Gibson had put forward a motion that was supported by the board, “that the director, or designate, investigate the options and feasibility of recording and archiving livestreamed public board meetings and bring a written report to the March 19, 2019 or April 23, 2019 board meeting for discussion.”

“The motion to look into this was carried (by the board); there is definitely support for it,” said Trustee Stringer. She said one of the things that is being looked into is the cost to have the board meetings, livestreamed, archived. “There is definitely support from the public to livestreaming meetings. At our last meeting I looked at one time during the meeting and there were 20 people watching the meeting.”

Ms. Stringer said one of the benefits of livestreaming, and archiving, would be, “that it would improve the information provided to members of the public. And the presentations that are made by staff to the board are fantastic and very informative. I think it would be wonderful if we could archive the
livestreaming of our meetings.”