School trustees see raise to honorariums


SUDBURY—With an increase in student enrolment there will be a slight increase in the honorariums for school board trustees with the Rainbow District School Board (RDSB).
“There are two components to the trustee honorariums for this term. There will be a slight increase as of November 15 as a result of an increase in school enrolment,” said Dennis Bazinet, superintendent of business of the RDSB at a meeting last week.
The honorarium for each of the nine trustees, excluding the student trustees, of the RDSB include a base amount of $5,900 plus an enrolment amount, using a process of multiplying the average daily enrolment (ADE) from the previous school year by $1.75 and dividing that number by the number of elected trustees. This represents the maximum amount that each trustee who is not a chair or vice-chair may receive, excluding the meeting attendance, and mileage distance amounts.
The additional honorarium for the chair and vice-chair of the board will be calculated as follows: base amount $5,000 for chair and $2,500 for vice chair plus an enrolment amount.
The board passed a motion that the trustee honoraria be approved for the 2022-2026 term of office.
Mr. Bazinet noted that also included in the meeting package was the 2021-2022 trustee expenses package. “The overall expenses are $117,321, which is well below the $135,000 government allocated under the GSN.”