Sheguiandah Canada Post office hours cutbacks met with outrage

SHEGUIANDAH—The Northeast Town council was outraged last week after receiving notification from Canada Post that it would be cutting the hours of retail service at the Sheguindah Post Office, prompting council to carry a motion opposing the change and that a letter to the same effect be sent to Canada Post.

“Canada Post has conducted a review of customer traffic patterns at the Sheguiandah Post Office and determined that we have a very small number of local customers on Saturdays,” states the letter from Canada Post to the Northeast Town. “As a result of this review, we will no longer offer Saturday retail service as of the week of April 14 and the first Saturday closure will be April 19.”

The letter goes on to explain that the location will continue to offer “full access to postal service on weekdays,” but Councillor Dawn Orr noted that the listed hours showed a reduction.

“Currently the hours are weekdays 8 am to 4 pm, but they are cutting the hours making it 8 am to 1 pm on Mondays and 8 am to 12:30 pm Tuesdays through Fridays,” explained Councillor Orr.

Both Councillor Orr and Councillor Christina Jones stressed that the reduction in service at the post office would have a negative effect on the community.

“This is probably just the start with Canada Post wanting to cut hours,” added Councillor Bill Koehler. “We need to show that we’re opposed to this.”

Council carried a motion stating that the Northeast Town “is absolutely opposed to any reduction of postal services within the Northeast Town postal boundaries and further, that a letter be sent to Canada Post requesting that there be no reduction in the hours of the Sheguiandah Post Office.”