Sheshegwaning Elections

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Sheshegwaning First Nation is holding band chief and council elections on Saturday, November 18. There are six candidates for the position of chief: Gene Cada, Joe Endanawas, Albert Cada, Leonard Genereux, Elizabeth Laford and incumbent Dean Roy. Over the two next weeks, the Recorder will be publishing the candidates’ written profiles.

Joe Endanawas

As you know, I am a candidate for chief in the Sheshegwaning election this November.

I have many years of experience in the administration and political fields of our Anishinabek Nations. I believe this experience has and will help me serve the citizens of Sheshegwaning First Nation as we strive to better the lives of our people.

I strongly believe that the chief and council has to accountable, transparent and financially prudent in their administration of the First Nation assets. I have always had an open door policy and am willing to discuss any issue in a fair and honest way with the citizens of Sheshegwaning First Nation.

I have strong negotiation skills, which will be an assist when dealing with all levels of governments and our own political organizations. In the past I have dealt with all levels of government with

excellent results.

I have worked in Sheshegwaning as the band administrator, councillor and chief for five terms.

I worked at the UCCMM for many years in the fish/wildlife and justice programs, and worked at the Anishinabek Nation (Union of Ontario Indians) as a board member, on a three-year term ending in the spring of 2018.

Mr. Endanawas graduated from Gore Bay High School in the 1960s and went to work for General Motors in Michigan. “During my time in Michigan, I served and was honourably discharged from the United States Army.

I also graduated from George Brown College in Toronto as a machinist and can provide a clean criminal reference check if required for bonding, etc.

In my involvement with Sheshegwaning and the UCCM I was band administrator/councillor when the development and construction of the water system for Sheshegwaning took place. As a band administrator I negotiated for a First Timber Skidder and we operated a successful timber operation. As a band administrator we purchased a new truck and backhoe for maintenance operations and as a councillor I was supportive and assisted in the building the new school for Sheshegwaning.

Mr. Endanawas served five terms as chief of Sheshegwaning First Nation. In his time several office buildings were constructed, along with the community complex, the road into the community was reconstructed and aligned, and we purchased a new fire truck. As chief I helped negotiate for the local fish farm and employment for our residents, and negotiated for the wind farm and successful development; and as chief assisted in the negotiations, development and construction of the Manitoulin Hotel.

In a letter to Mr. Endanawas, dated August 22, Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee wrote, “it gives me great honour to say Chi-miigwetch for your support in making the historic signing of the Anishinabek Nation Education Agreement with the government of Canada, and the signing of the complementary Master Education Agreement with the province of Ontario possible.”

“As a previous leader of your community of Sheshegwaning First Nation, and your current position on the Leadership council for the Anishinabek Nation, your commitment and hard work to supporting the Nation’s vision and principles has contributed to this historic recognition by Canada and the Province of Ontario of our inherent right to self-determination. It is a great day for the Anishinabek and for the 23 First Nations signatory to these two agreements,”wrote Grand Council Chief Madahbee.

Gene Cada

Aanii/Hello, My Name is Aakawedang Nimkii Bineshiinh (Gene Cada). I am running for the position of chief in Sheshegwaning First Nation.

I have been a resident of Sheshegwaning for most of my 57 years.

I attended school here on Manitoulin Island, Sheshegwaning to Gore Bay then on to Manitoulin Secondary School. After college and university I went into the industry of machinery, from operating to maintaining. As a fluent Anishnabemowin speaker I then moved on to teaching a second language for the past 27 years, which I am still performing currently in Sheshegwaning. In teaching a second language I have managed different age groups, from daycare to adult education.

In previous years I have had the opportunity to sit on council for four consecutive terms. I believe this has given me the experience needed to guide me in my endeavours as chief.

My goal for running for candidacy of Chief is to work with our First Nation as well as those affiliated with us. I will work diligently with the council to plan and move forward with the best of interest for our people.