Shotputter Joseph Maxwell qualifies for World Juniors

TORONTO—Evansville shotputter Joseph Maxwell has qualified for the 2016 World Junior Championships.

“Yes, I qualified for the World Junior Championships,” stated Mr. Maxwell, when contacted by the Recorder on Tuesday. Mr. Maxwell took part in a prep meet this past Saturday held at York University. “It was a really small competition, but it was sanctioned and approved so that we could try and qualify for the Worlds.”

He had to beat a throw of 18.25 metres to qualify for the worlds, and easily attained this with a throw of 18.56 metres, which was also a personal outdoor best mark for him (his indoor personal best mark is 19.22 metres).

Mr. Maxwell posted a throw of 18.56 metres despite the inclement weather at the time of the competition. “It was really cold and the rain was really pouring down, but I tried my best to compete and this one throw was good. My other throws (in the competition) were not so good,” he acknowledged.

He was the only competitor in his junior age division taking part in the event. “It was a very small event and they took all age groups and put them together in the same flight.”

Mr. Maxwell has now qualified for, and will be taking part in, the 2016 World Junior Championships to be held in Poland in July.

Mr. Maxwell mentioned the tremendous support he receives from the community and the support he received from teachers/coaches at Charles C. McLean Public School in Gore Bay when he was younger. With this in mind, “I made arrangements with Dan Smith (a C.C. McLean teacher) to help get the track at the school ready for competition (in June), as well as help with the pits and will assist after school with helping to coach the kids at the school.”

“There are two reasons I volunteered to help out,” explained Mr. Maxwell. “One, I need a  few hours of volunteer work for my high school diploma. I also really wanted to give back to the community and some of the teachers and coaches who helped me at C.C. McLean, so I’ll be helping out this spring.”

In the meantime, Mr. Maxwell will be training and getting ready for the Canadian Nationals being held in Edmonton July 7-10 prior to the World Junior Championships to take place later in July.