Southern commentator calls on premier to resign

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an open letter to Premier Wynne and is reprinted here at the author’s request.

Premier Wynne:

It has become most apparent that you have no legitimacy to lead the Province of Ontario.

Back in January of this year, you were anointed to the position of premier by a segment of the Ontario population that could be best described as numbering in the “parts per million.” But your involvement traces back further than that. We can cite all the broken promises and incompetence such as promises made to those families with family members with autism. Deaths related to C. difficile. The ORNGE helicopter scandal where the coroner is now looking into deaths related to that. A pesticide ban that’s responsible for more cases of asthma than any coal plant. The continual implementation of the GEA that is tearing the fabric of rural Ontario apart. E-Health, gas plants on and on…

For all that and more, you were there. Yet you chose to be silent. Your complicity in these matters is now a matter of record. But now as premier, you are obligated to speak. So now you carefully choose words and craft phrases that are deliberately vague and designed to be confusing at best. This fog of lies and obfuscations rival that of a Jodi Arias police interview. Even the truth gets absorbed by the misty dank atmosphere you’ve created.

We simply don’t believe you anymore.

You are now Ontario’s version of Lady Macbeth. Sleepwalking your way through your supposed leadership, wringing your hands and muttering “Out damned spot!” But as in Shakespeare’s story, the stains of your Liberal government will not go away.

“All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.”

You must call an election. You now speak of “revenue tools” to help finance transit in the GTA when you have no clue and no plan. What fresh hell is this? Asking the entire province to bail out the transit dysfunction in the GTA? When was a mandate given to you for this?

Early in your tenure you tried to pass yourself off as knowledgeable of rural issues. You were challenged to describe what a “heifer” was. You did so. You also challenged the media as to what a “spent hen” was. I submit it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

You must terminate this rancid government now. I’m certain you will find that some Liberal MPPs will resign and scurry into obscurity as McGuinty et al did. Allow your party to have a turnover in members and offer Ontarians the chance to make a realistic assessment of your premiership instead of clinging to power at all costs. Your subservience to Andrea Horwath is quite unbecoming of a premier. Allow all Ontarians to decide.

Saying sorry is insulting our intelligence and insufficient. If you do decide to call an election, please disclose all programs that could be cancelled for political expediency and their true costs, and oh by the way, don’t erase any emails.

Paul Kuster