Spin masters manipulate crisis for politics and profit

To the Expositor:

Global warming, climate change, weather change or whatever the spin masters will decide to call it tomorrow has been occurring even before mankind knew they were living on planet Earth. But it now has become governments, big businesses and their spin masters weapon to be used on us for their big profits.

Their spin masters are manipulating information so that it implies something and then allows and even promotes the belief that the average person is a main reason for this global warming. This is simply not true. The average person is just along for a ride so far. Spin masters are now superb at causing confusion and make something it’s not to sound like it is and then associate it to something that will make their bosses huge profits.

Spin mastering at its best for industrial wind turbines has resulted in tens of thousands of derelict, abandoned and useless industrial wind turbines on the planet. There are over 14,000 of them just in the US alone. The promise of jobs, jobs and more jobs that countries buying into these turbines were to get and it did not materialize. The rising numbers of countries that bought into industrial wind turbines which can no longer afford them anymore, the millions of animals being maimed or killed, thousands upon thousands of people harmed so far, land devaluation caused by industrial wind turbines, the huge increase in electricity costs, the massive debts that will become impossible to ever pay off and the list of damages goes on and on but still they build more of these ineffective and inefficient industrial wind turbines.

A recent example of manipulation the spin masters can do is what is now known as “Superstorm Sandy.” The term “superstorm” is totally made up and sensationalized by the media spin masters. The profound effects from this totally inaccurate term in making people afraid and directly associating it to global warming will be very effective and profitable later on down the road. By the way “Sandy” was a “post tropical cyclone,” hum, sounds rather boring compared to “superstorm.”

There really are some good “green” groups that are truly trying to make our earth a better place to live but sadly a greater number are deeply monetarily tied into companies that promote false assumptions. Oil companies do like industrial wind turbines because they know all wind turbines will require backup fossil burning fuel plants running continuously, that’s 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Now how green is that?

Make no mistake about it, climate change is real, it’s always been real and will continue to be real as long as we are being led down the wrong road by organizations who’s interest is in making huge profits by turning climate change into another business.

Charley Urbanek
Port Elgin