Split Rail brewery birthday party celebrates third anniversary

Staff at Split Rail Brewing Company hold up the cake at an anniversary celebration held at the business last Friday evening, in Gore Bay.

GORE BAY—They had a party and it seems like everyone showed up!

Split Rail Brewing Company held a birthday party last Friday evening and to say that a lot of people showed up would be a huge understatement. The patio was filled with people sitting and standing, while the inside of the building was packed with people in line waiting to buy Split Rail refreshments.

Outside, Marcus White from Meldrum Bay provided the musical entertainment for the evening while Max Burt and Dave Hillyard manned the very busy sausage cart, serving their new product, Manitoulin Gold Smokey Sausage. As well, the Manitoulin Pizza Company truck van set up beside Split Rail was also very busy serving pizza.

“This is our third year birthday and we are in our fourth year of operation,” stated Eleanor Charlton, who is co-owner of Split Rail Brewing Company along with Andrea Smith.

The first three years, “have been good, we started off slow and low key with a super small system and have grown and expanded since we first started,” said Ms. Charlton.

This year Split rail continued its expansion. This year’s expansion represents more than a doubling of Split Rail’s current production capacity and is critical to meeting the demand for Split Rail products on the Island and beyond. This expansion also allows for more flexibility and diversity in product availability.

Three large new stainless steel vessels, two fermentation tanks and one carbonation tank recently arrived along with a new glycol cooling system to replace an aged system used  by the brewery to date. This expansion was necessary in order to provide their existing brands: Hawberry Ale, Copper Lager, Amber Ale, LoonSong Oats Stout and the newest brand, Manitoulin Gold (a light bodied and delicately crisp pilsner).                                   

Split Rail staff posed for a photograph of the birthday cake before it was served to all those in attendance at Friday’s party.