Spring Bay News

Well, we’re adjusting to the time change! We’re also adjusting to all kinds of weather. Does that mean with the upcoming deer season our weather will also be a mixture or consist of wet snow and cold winds? The hunters are anxiously waiting for November 16. We wish them a safe and successful hunt.

We cleaned out one of our raised garden beds and harvested our carrot crop, which is of sufficient quantity to carry us through until we harvest next year’s crop!

Spring Bay euchre results for November 6: ladies’ high, Laura Scott; ladies’ lone hands, Laura Scott; ladies’ low, Barb Hay; men’s high, Bill Montgomery; men’s lone hands, Bill Montgomery; men’s low, Roger Guenette. Spring Bay euchre is Friday nights at 7:30 pm. C’mon in!

We hope those in hospital or recovering at home get well soon.

Facts: 1) Bills travel through the postal system at twice the speed of cheques. 2) A balanced diet is not an Oreo cookie in each hand. 3) Middle age is when the broadness of mind and narrowness of waist change places. 4) If you actually look like your passport picture, you really do need the trip!

Any news? Call Dorothy at 705-282-2992.