Swimming advisory issued: Espanola

A swimming advisory has been issued for the following beach:

  • Clear Lake Beach, Espanola

As a result of routine water samples exceeding the acceptable bacteriological water quality standards, Public Health Sudbury & Districts has posted swimming advisory signs to inform the public that the beach water quality is not suitable for recreational use at this time.

A swimming advisory is a precautionary notice that informs the public about specific risks to health and safety.

Going into the water when bacteria are present in high concentrations puts bathers at risk for infections. Illness can occur if swimmers swallow beach water; if water gets into their ears, eyes, or nose; or if it comes in contact with open wounds.

“We have enhanced our monitoring and will continue taking water samples,” said Cynthia Peacock-Rocca, a manager with Public Health Sudbury & Districts’ Environmental Health Division.

Public Health Sudbury & Districts will notify the public when the bacterial levels return to acceptable standards for bathing beaches. For information about beach water quality, visit www.phsd.ca.