Tehkummah Council Notes

RFQ results for winter sand and valve repairs

Interim clerk-treasurer Roy Hardy told council there had not been any quotes submitted through the request for quotations (RFQ) process for either of the above jobs. Roads superintendent Adam Bowerman began contacting companies for quotes and Mr. Hardy said the township received one offer through that process, a contract with Barrie Excavating worth $23.73 per cubic metre of sand, plus HST.

Last year’s winter sand cost $21.68 per cubic metre, making this a 9.5 percent increase. Mr. Hardy said the price was within the budget, but just barely. Council approved the quotation and encouraged starting the process earlier in the year to afford more time to make the decision.

2005 pickup tender

The township sold its old pickup truck for $120. Councillor Paul Bowerman said the township should make sure the radio, aerial and work light were removed before the sale.

Sawchuck Peach architects

Council discussed correspondence from Sawchuck Peach Associates — Architects regarding design work for a bathroom renovation at the community hall. The notice says the township’s account is “seriously past due,” and has a principal balance of $3,842.

It adds that interest will begin to accumulate at a rate of one percent per month. By the end of October, interest payments will be close to $40 per month.

Council disputed the validity of the bill over claims from multiple councillors that the work was not completed up to code. Mr. Hardy said the township could pay the bill now as to not be in a situation for any further action, or it could dispute the fees based on their concerns. Councillor Ron Hierons reminded council that although the bills looked expensive, “you’ll spend that much fighting them,” should they decide to go to court over the matter, to which Councillor Lorie Leeson agreed.

Councillor Michael McKenzie suggested council write a letter to the architecture firm about the work not meeting code and adjust the price accordingly. Councillor Bowerman requested the township move into closed session before he would give his thoughts on the matter. At the end of the meeting, council motioned to follow up with the architects regarding the town’s accounts.

Cycle route signs

Councillor Bowerman wanted to ensure the signs were placed in unambiguous areas after resident concerns that cyclists misread the signs and crossed onto private property.

Manitoulin Streams funding

In response to a letter from Manitoulin Streams requesting additional funding if possible, in light of its government funding cutbacks, Councillor McKenzie implored council to ensure its own needs were addressed before aiding others.

“At this time, I don’t feel that it is possible for us to donate money to them. We’ve got to look after this township first, our taxpayers first,” he said, noting that Manitoulin Streams has done good work in the community and has already received some funding from the township this year.

New drainage superindendent

The municipality has a new drainage superintendent, as the company hired for this purpose has placed a different individual in charge of Tehkummah. Because of the change, any drainage grants will have to be duplicated, one for the first half of the year until the personnel change and another for the period following the transition.

Municipal office flooding

Council received a complaint from Diana Pyette, Tehkummah postmaster, about the effects of this past spring’s municipal office flooding on the post office. She described having to clear pools of water using a wet-vac and stated that, as of October 11, “the mats along the front wall are soaked.”

She said the tiles are lifting and musty-smelling and should be dealt with before freeze-up. Ms. Pyette implored the township to reshape the parking lot and install a drain to keep water away from the building, in addition to piling snow in a better location. Mr. Hardy was directed to work with the roads superintendent to seek a solution.

Bank account

Mr. Hardy told council the township needed an interest-bearing account at a chartered bank to receive funding from the Ontario Main Street Revitalization Initiatives. He presented them with a motion which was passed, conditional upon whether they could share the savings account use for OCIF funding.

5th Sideroad maintenance

Michael Walzak wrote to council saying his portion of the road has not been maintained and claimed it had been in the past. He requested the road be brought back up to municipal standards. Mr. Walzak stated he also requested snow plowing service so he can access his property year-round.

Councillor Bowerman said the road had not received winter maintenance in the past. Mr. Hardy said he would look into the town’s responsibilities for the road and report back to the resident.