Tehkummah Talk and Times

Somehow today I was watching the Dinosaur Block Party on Knowledge “Kids.” It was so cute I don’t know why I don’t watch these shows all the time now that I’m into my second childhood! (Maybe I will!)

Mollie phoned this morning wanting to know if I’m adding wrinkles or trying to shrink the ones I’ve already got (I was in the tub).

I missed saying Happy Birthday to brother-in-law Wayne, March 10.

Well I really didn’t after all. Here it is a Wednesday morning, I woke up singing 76 Trombones! Last evening we kept breaking into song, Wayne celebrated his 76th! Pauline called and we- Susan, Simon, Sherry, Dave, Mom and I went to Green Acres for (Wayne’s) birthday supper, then we came back to Pauline’s for a game of “Oh Crap” and Pauline served a raspberry pie and coffee to some of the gang. (Most of us were still full.) A very fun family evening; Wayne got a couple of birthday calls while we were there.

Well the sun is hitting my outside bench in the morning (early). I gotta clean the couple of bags of paper garbage off, so I can sit out with my coffee and cats, to enjoy the mornings once again. I haven’t written many poems this winter. I need air and inspiration; perhaps I need to have a burning day! Talking to Lyle (Dewar) this morning, I always enjoy our chats.

Happy anniversary Barb and Wade of Green Acres, sounds like a fun trip. Albert and Marg stopped there on their way home from Sudbury too.

Cal called Wednesday evening and asked if I wanted to go to Espanola, of course, I didn’t say no! Great day, beautiful roads, blue sky, scenery, company. We checked the mall out first, had lunch at “Rusty’s”. I said to Cal, “That girl looks like Mollie from the back” when they came in. Sure enough it was her and her friend Theresa (from Elliot Lake), just out for a drive too. After checking out GT Boutique, home again. Mom and I still have the rubber to play. I stopped for the challenge before I got home, we each won two games. We saw the McGuires at the Restaurant earlier.

It is with sadness this morning I write of Elaine McCauley’s death, her home the last while was at Centennial Manor, but she spent her lifetime pretty well in Tehkummah Township. She was married to my cousin Gerald and spent a lot of Sundays travelling to church with Mom and I. She spent even more time keeping the sidewalks and decks swept off at the Hall. She loved leaving the confetti on the floor for Thursday euchre where she punched the “lone hands” for the players for years. If we were out walking with her, we couldn’t keep up. A wonderful part of our Sr. U.C.W. group for years, and member and worker for the Triangle Club and a hard working woman who raised a big family; sympathy to all the family and her many friends.

Well I would have sworn my neighbours came in and stole my pound of butter, but I had moved it when I was baking and had it in plain sight if you know what I mean. Of course it’s not surprising in my house.

It’s Only the Strong Survive, the current song on C.M.T., timely!! I see the snow starting again. We’ve had a nice few warm days intermission.

Yesterday in Mindemoya I met the first St. Patrick’s Day birthday girl ever, so have a good one Sara. She and Ashley were lunching out while I was at the restaurant. Loretta (Mucha) and her friend Jeanette came in, so we had a bit of a visit. There was more I wanted to do in Mindemoya, but I ran out of steam. Once I got in my chair I slept for two hours, I couldn’t even play cards with Mom. I met a nice lady at the laundromat who had trouble keeping her money in her pocket; those new bills are slippery critters, they are “NOT” made for pockets!! My car had a bit of service while I worked. I finally returned Kathleen’s bowls that I’ve had since the holidays.

Thursday Euchre. Margaret was on K.P. duty. Ladies’ high, Dorothy, 86 and five lone hands; Ladies’ low, me; men’s high, Graham, 59 and three lone hands; men’s low, Wayne; door prize, Simon.

Cal just dropped me off (Sunday evening). Well darn it! I hate to admit it but the guys really did teach us the “cardology” lesson. I thought we had it in our pocket, winning the first two by a good margin (I might add), but they regained their cribbage legs (I means pegs) and beat us the next three straight, darn it!

What a nice evening, a delicious meal and pleasant visit with Brian and Margaret (McCarthy). Brian has a St. Patrick’s Day birthday too (Happy belated!)

St. Andrews by the Sea was pretty much full today, our sermon was on spirituality. There was quite a tableful at Carol’s and Earl’s afterward, and I beat Mom three games of four games after. Last evening we played cribbage too and “Oh Crap” Susan won I think. Simon made a most delicious spaghetti dinner and two pies for dessert. He invited Pauline, Wayne, Mom, Cal and I. Simon and I won two cribbage games- you know I do have some good times with my own family, my church family, my extended family and my friends.

A very busy week coming up again, it’s no wonder I never get “nothing” done around here.

Spend a lot of time petting cats and today at church I had a darling little doggie friend who kept trying to steal my cushion every time we stood up for a hymn, which by the way, the blending voices sounded phenomenal.

I think we will start our first cribbage at the Hall on Wednesday, April 8 at 1:30pm. I would have chosen the first except if that old adage comes true- March may go out like a lion!!?

Lovely to hear the cardinal’s song!